Can Comodo Backup create a bootable image?

Can Comodo Backup create a bootable image?

Not yet, but this will be covered in a future release.

Be a bit silly to be able to create a “whole of disk” image without any means of writing it onto a raw disk. :wink:

There is currently no timeline for this, btu the devs are well aware of the need for this.

Ewen :slight_smile:

If I have a backup of Dis, Partition, and MBR AND I have the Windows 7 upgrade install disk, can I reinstall Windows 7 and THEN do the restore?


Yes you can

Does this means we would need to fully install Windows (Vista for me) first with all applications and "service packs: / updates before restoring?

For restore, you need just:

  • a working copy of Windows (no updates/service packs required)
  • Comodo Backup installed.

Also Windows XP?
I install Xp, and Comodo backup, and restore my backup partition ?

Also XP and Comodo Backup