can Comodo backup be used to transfer data from xp to win-7

Hi as we all know ntbackup does not works in xp, MS has given an solution where you can transfer data backed by ntbackup. however process seems complicated.

i am planning to migrate to WIn-7 in 8-12 months.

I spent some time reading online help of CB and CTm but could not figure out these.

My qustion are:

  • i wish to create backup of my personal folder in xp, save backup on DVD, reformat the HDD and install win-7
    can I restore backups here as Win-7 uses diff NTFS.( Ido not want to backup security settings and permission)
  • if there are new updates to CB, can backup made with earlier CB be used to restore.

-CB offres to backup MBR and track-0, but does not offers them to restore outside windows.

-help manual does not explain methods of creating backup, copy on write or volume shadow.

  • My previous experience with backup prigram like Drive clone was they were corrupting the disk when backup was created from inside windows. does cb does so.

forum users anser please



I’m not sure what you mean by personal folder.
Do you mean the entire user folder or just a folder where you keep personal files?
If you mean entire user folder, this also contains files that will not be compatible (registry - ntuser.dat) from Windows XP to Windows 7.
If it’s just personal files then it’s ok. The backup will include security settings & permissions, but you can reset them after restore.

Sure, we always keep backward compatibility.

You could create a BartPE/WinPE rescue media.

   What file system do you have?
   Volume shadow copy is only used if backing up specific files & directories, for entire partitions/disks we use a different approach that makes sure the backed-up partition/disk will be in a consistent state.