Can Comodo Backup be used free without cloud

I have been using the free rather old Comodo Backup, ver., and looked at updating it. Now it looks like it only has a paid version and that has cloud based backup. I don’t want or need cloud backup, instead just want to backup to other local hard disks. Running on XP.

Do you no longer have a free version which does just backup to local disks?

The current free version allows you specify local disks, network disks, FTP site or Comodo Cloud as the backup destination.

It will create backups in the proprietary CBU format, a self extracting CBU file, the widespread ZIP format, the widespread ISO format or it will simply copy files.

All of the backup types described in POINT 2 can be sent to any of the destinations described in POINT 1.

The current free version is a far more capable backup app than any previous version. It is laid out differently so you may have to actually look for some of the options that you are used to seeing, but they are all there.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks. Now sounds much better than it appears on all the descriptions. Sometimes cloud solutions are just not the right ones. Maybe a bit more needs to be made of these capabilities for others to give it a try then maybe upgrade.