Can Comodo Antivirus in the future have an option for auto quarintine?

Hitting clean during each infection can be annoying at times. This could be an option that can be turned on or off so people who want to delete the item can have the option to choose which you want.

It has that function now. The default is not to quarantine.
Found under Antivirus/Scanner Settings. Locate Real Time and Scheduled scanning. The option is there.


… while i would never enable such a function. if i take comodo antivirus for an example, it never found anything else than false positives here. and they would have been autoquarantined… aka unuseable.

if we take the features of comodo in mind, why do you need an autoquarantine? nothing should be able to run anyways. and an antivirus should be able to avoid malicious code to execute without quarantining first.

it is no security advantage to move things, but its a possible danger for your pc (if an error happens). you would just save one click to quarantine by yourself.
btw, or are you too busy to click away many warnings? then you should clean your pc by reinstall, after checking for false positives.

cheater87, it was a long discussion months ago when avast 5 was about to be released with the auto-quarantine feature on. A lot of advanced users choose to disable this feature (on access) and let it only for on demand scannings.
But, indeed, the default is move to quarantine on on demand (resident). The possibility of false positives is always there, but it is mitigated to system files to avoid messing the computer booting.

Auto quarantine is not good but with comodo I recommend auto quarantine to average users coz average users can delete things if they click on clean thinking clean will try to clean/heal/repair the things.

One more thing, I dont know if you have experienced it or not, but if you click on the drop down menu of AV alert i.e the point on the drop down menu which expands & collapse the drop down menu, if you click twice or thrice on that point it also clean i.e deletes the file, I guess this shouldn’t happen, clicking on the point twice, thrice or any times should only expand & collapse the drop down menu & not delete the detected things.


P.S. Tech, I guess CAV also treats system files as safe & will not detect them as FP’s so that the system is not messed up, m I right???

For sure, send to Quarantine is always safer than direct deleting.
At least, you can restore in case of false positives.

I hope so too. It should check digital signatures and the manufacturer of the file.

“I hope so too” means its a guess or you are sure?? I need to know this coz yet I haven’t recommended CIS 5 to my frds & after reading about DACS I am waiting for this new feature in CIS & after I find it & CIS 5 more usable & if I find it usable by average users I will recommend it to my frds. But the basic AV will not mess up with the system by detecting system files as FP’s I want to know so asking you buddy. So Tech can you confirm it with Mods, Devs or the supremo Melih.

By the way I am also a registered member in Avast forum & running Avast AV free & Zonealarm Firewall Free on my Bro’s system coz he is too novice.

I saw your thread on Autosandbox in Avast forum & voted for Autosandbox by default and I read Vlk’s comments on autosandbox & was impressed. I must say currently the best free AV for aaaaaaaverage users is Avast & though sandbox is incorporated in other suites in some way or other but what Vlk mentioned I think if achieved it will be a very good autosandbox feature for majority of users i.e average users & that too in a free AV. I must say Avast is the all time recommended software for average & advanced users free or paid.

I have the right to post or go little off topic coz I am from a Great Democratic Country & We speak from our mind & heart both.


I’m an user like you… I do not have more power than you to ask :slight_smile:

avast is a good antivirus as CIS is a perfect suite :slight_smile: