Can CIS Help Me Do This?

Can CIS help me to avoid others on the net from knowing what browser, OS, hardware etc. that I’m using?

probly not but at least no virus can get on your comp to relay info

If so, can anyone please let me know what software can help me do just that? :wink:

Leakage tests are available at:

If OS and browser version, as well a some addons can be leaked, i don’t see how hardware in a general way could be leaked.

A very classical “issue” is this one (keep cool, it only shows YOUR properties to YOURSELF):

Altough some security software are said to block the concerned http referrer function (e.g. Outpost), this function is generally speaking browser dependent.

As an example, Firefox uses an addon to block the referrer function:

which is perfectly useless, as the job can be done manually by editing the about:config file.

Alltogether, global referrer blocking is not a good idea, as it might throw you out of some websites.
Some softwares allow not to disable the referrer function, but to fake it in something else (make a google search, same comment).

However, the largest privacy leaker in this regard is not the referrer function, but running active contents (ActiveX, Javascript, Adobe…) and cookies.
If, by default, ActiveX are by definition not readable under Firefox, the browser often has built-in options for some of these contents (e.g. cookies and to some extent javascript in Firefox) while addons (e.g. Noscript for Firefox) give the control of most of the internet scripting.

I don’t believe Comodo Internet Security will prevent that. But if anyone uses that information to hack you, you can count on Comodo to prevent the attack. :slight_smile:

Oh, yes?

Cis does not block the following, altough it retrieves the informations only on the local side, but does not tell if it would be blocked for some web site:

This one, a very respectable site (in french, but it is not the question) retrieves the same parameters as soon as you allow javascript for the page, even if cookies are disabled, and with no cis intervention whatsoever: