can cfplogdb.sdb be deleted?

The topic says it. That log is 27MB on C: now, which seems being an awful lot for just a logfile. I don´t look inside those logs anyway, so can it even be turned off? I do not have normal logging activated in the preferences.

from the gui go to anti virus events click more(Alt+m) from file tab you can clear logs, selecting clear all has reduced my cfplogdb.sdb to only 6kb.

Thanks for your tip, but her is no such tab. I´m using the free edition version 8.0.238.

The current version is 3.8.65951.477.

Sorry, of course. But i have no Comodo Antivirus activated, hence i can´t access the mentioned tab. How come, this file emerged, anyway? I´m using AVG, so i didn´t install Comodos AV module. Is there another way to get rid of that file?

Do like was suggested only through View Firewall Events > More > File > Clear > All

That should knock the size down and if logging is disabled they shouldn’t build up anymore.


That’s your firewall log.

thank yous all! This seemed to have worked!