Can CFP protect other processes from termination? [Resolved]

I read in the manual that in Defense+ you can set a process so CFP will alert you if something tries to terminate that process. But do you just get an alert, or can the process be protected from termination? I’ve been using Online Armor Free and it has these protection options for a process:

*Restart if terminated
*Protection from termination
*Protection from suspend
*Protect from remote code control
*Protect from remote data modification.

Which of these options is CFP capable of?


In defense+ Computer security policy search for the program you want to protect, if it is not there you may add it. When found, click “edit” and on the new window click “protection settings”
There you have the possibility of turning on the protection for: interprocess memory access, window hooks, process termination, and window messages. You can also specify exceptions. (For example you turned on termination protection for yxz.exe and you can set task manager as an exception. This way only taskmanager can cill that program. )

That’s exactly what I wanted to know, thanks!

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Also, CFP 3 protects against (almost) all process terminations (except those that drivers use, which can’t be stopped, except for preventing the installation of the driver).