Can CFP be configured to stop programmes access until i give it permission?

I like to have control over which application get access to the net… ZA Free, which i’m currently using, sends a popup box everytime a programme wants to access the net, the application gets block until i can choose to allow it or deny it by clicking the appropriate button…
Can CFP be set to do that as well? ie. stop programmes’ access to the net until i specify if i want to allow or deny?
Also what happens if i do not respond to the CFP’s popup, they apparently disappear after some time? ie. will the programme be given access if CFP deems it safe or will it be block still.

If the programs uses windows services for internet access then it is better to either close your internet connection or shut the programs down.

If they connect directly you just block them permanently and later when you want to allow it then change the rule to allow in the ‘Application Monitor’, or just remove it from there and allow it when the firewall asks.

Maybe you can also just make a temporary block. It will last for a little while.

Not responding to a popup is the same as blocking it. I think that’s only temporary.