Can CAVS protect a network?

Great work Comodo! I use CFP and I’ve been waiting to try CAVS.

My predicted scenario is a network with one computer running satellite software, ICS and security software only as the gateway like this:

Modem > Gateway > firewall router > four boxes, three of which will be running Windows SteadyState for Public access and one without WSS for staff. All will be running XP Pro, SP2.

WSS has a disk protection feature that clears the Public access profile at each reboot.

Panic’s FAQ says that CAVS will manually scan network drives and folders if I understood correctly and the features list at comodo’s site says:

“Furthermore, Comodo AntiVirus 2.0 beta can be installed on servers to provide comprehensive, network wide safety for all shared files.”

If this is true, it would be perfect for my scenario and I would, :BNC

WSS only recognizes certain “Brands” of security software (3 or 4) and using anything else requires a special script for updating each computer and scripting is still a bit beyond me. And, I don’t think CAVS and WSS would play well together.

I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed!

Thanks for any replies.

We will get CAVS tested with WSS and comeout what we see.



Thank you for the reply. That is WAY more than I expected!

I have been researching scripting possibilities for auto updating CAVS while running with WSS. You might find these two links interesting:

After re-reading my first post I see that I may not have been clear about my plan. I was hoping that I could run CAVS and CFP on the Gateway machine only with CAVS protecting the network and run firewall only on the WSS machines. I realize that this may not be possible in this situation. If CAVS and WSS will co-exist then all the better.

I have installed the latest CAVS beta and CFP on a Pentium II 333MHZ 128 MB W2KPro SP4 machine with the satellite software and a few common programs. The machine was optimized to limit running processes, defragged, etc… All Comodo modules worked but the machine couldn’t handle all of the processes and was slowed to a crawl. Not enough memory. The satellite software injects 6 or 7 processes. I glanced through the CAVS Help file and did not see anything about network protection but could have missed it. Both Comodo programs installed and un-installed very efficiently.

Thanks again,