Can "BETA" products be clearly marked as such, Melih?

I love Comodo’s products and, back when I was a computer writer, I heartily recommended all developed Comodo products to my readers…not BETA products, but products that were good-to-go in everyday use. I’ve noticed, to my misfortune, that Comodo no longer seems to clearly identify BETA products as BETA products on its site–and I have had one PC completely debilitated by a software update of Comodo System Cleaner.

Comodo System Cleaner and its gimpy updater completely hosed my desktop and made my Logitech Bluetooth mouse-and-keyboard (5000 Laser) unsuable. >:( After three hourse of re-installing software,drivers and fiddling with System Restore, I got it to work again , but it’s nowhere close to the reliable machine it had been prior to running that defective updater.

Melih, can you please make sure that any products that are still “not ready for primetime” be clearly labeled as such? Comodo System Cleaner is, by what I’ve subsequently learned in the forums, still a BETA product. It’s not labeled a BETA when you want to read more about it or when you download it at the site. Please, for the love of God, have BETA products clearly marked as such!

Sorry for the trouble. The version distributed on Comodo’s website is however not considered beta. The CSC beta version clearly states “BETA” in its application title.

Although it is ostensibly not considered a BETA program, I regret to say that it behaves and acts very much like BETA software. :frowning: Not only is its built-in updater badly in need of work–for example, it recommends non-existent updates, it crashes the un-updated software upon updating, it fails to update (or does even worse things, as in my desktop’s case)–but it has never, ever displayed “help” regardless of how often you try to get it to open. And its “clean-up” capabilities are way too powerful for average users: it really needs a powerful “undo” tool to rectify the problems that folks can get themselves into.

COMODO System Cleaner does a great job cleaning a registry…but beyond that, this software needs much more work. Please label it a BETA until the kinks get worked out. People will be grateful, believe me.

Yes, there has been some problems. I reckon the current beta will go stable very soon though, and eliminate several issues. :-TU E.g. you’ll have a roll-back feature (patent pending), I’m sure you’ve read about it as you’ve obviously spotted the CSC beta at the forum. :-La