Can barely acces internet

Hello everyone,

After reformating and reinstalling Windows XP 2 weeks ago, I installed Comodo Internet Security Premium and Dragon (+ Comodo DNS server adress). Everything was working so well… until last night.

As of last night (27 May 2013), I can barely go online using Comodo Dragon. And when my homepage will actually load (one out of ten times), it stops working as soon as I try to load any bookmarks or open a second tab…

I tried with Internet Explorer and everything is fine, multiple tabs and all…

What’s going on with Dragon? I was so pleased with it…

Please help!
Many thanks in advance,


Hi and welcome Jacotin,
Have you made any recent changes to the default settings or added any other extensions?
Have you tried clearing your browsing data? Ctrl+Shift+Del

You could try the Portable version, this will eliminate any Dragon user profile issues.
Note: The Portable will not effect your installed version.
Portable Version

Thank you.

Hi Captainsticks,

many thanks for your answer!

I haven’t made any changes, and the only two extensions installed are Comodo Share page and Web Inspector (both activated). I regularly clear the browsing data (once a day), and just to give you an idea, it took me 6 tries before the new Ctrl-Shift-Del tab would load…

Do you think I should try uninstalling/reinstalling Dragon ? Or is it best to try the portable version? Can I uninstall Dragon if I use the portable version, or do I need both at the same time ?

The portable version and installed version are totally independent of each other.
You can have either or both.

A re-install without removing the user profile might not fix the issue if it is some corruption in the user profile.
If the portable worked correctly, I suspect a Dragon user profile issue.
You can create a new user profile without re-installing, but please note bookmarks, personal settings and preferences, etc will not automatically roll over to the new profile.
To create a new user profile in Comodo Dragon

I recommend backing up your bookmarks to a HTML file before hand, they can then be easily imported into the new profile.
Importing And Exporting Bookmarks

In the portable version setup, the destination folder is not given. I’ve directed it to C:\Program Files\Comodo\Dragon\Comodo\Dragon, and it said installing the portable version in this folder is not recommended. Where should I install it ?

At the start of the setup, I was ask to Downgrade to Comodo 26.0 (from 26.2), uninstall or install the portable version (which I choose).

Destination is personal choice normally in your Windows user profile, I usually select C:\Users\Username\Downloads this automatically creates a sub folder named Comodo within the Downloads folder.

If it is asking to downgrade the installer is most likely not the current version.
Please download the current version below, run the installer and select portable.
Comodo Dragon ver 26.2 is now available for download

No luck… after the installation process, Dragon launched two tabs: “New Tab” from wich I tried to access Gmail, but without success (it is still trying to load after 6 min.) ; and the other one, called “Loading” that tries to load from this URL Yahoo | Courriel, Météo, Recherche, Politique, Actualités, Finance, Sports et Vidéos without success…

So, what is the next step ?

I’ve installed and tried google Chrome just to see, and I have the same problems as with Dragon… Only IE is working properly.

Are you using a direct connection found under LAN settings in your Internet options in Windows control panel?
I am a little concerned that you might have possibly picked up some Malware. :-
How to Know If Your Computer Is Infected
How to Clean An Infected Computer

That failing, I am hoping someone else has some ideas.

Edit: What Antivirus and Firewall do you have installed?

I’m connected to a Wi-fi router. The computer is not infected, I just reformeted my PC and I ran scans last night… I’ve been using Comodo security suite and Dragon since the reformat.

But thanks for trying to help, I really appreciate it. I guess I’ll have to go back to IE if it doesn’t come back to normal

Problem solved, finally !

I found out on another forum that Chrome and Chrome-based browser won’t work properly if you have out-of-date logitech drivers. And I just happened to have installed my old logitech webcam last night !

The drivers are up-to-date and Dragon is working like a charm…

Many thanks again for trying to help, Captainsticks.

Sorry I had a little memory lapse from your opening post. :wink:

You are welcome.
It is good to hear that you found the cause and the solution.
Thank you for posting back the solution, which in turn could help other users with the same issue. :-TU

Kind regards.