Can anything be done about the horrible Chromium fonts?

Please have a look at both these discussions. The Chromium team has decided a few months ago to change the way font rendering works, apparently while they were making it compatible with Retina displays on Macbooks.

Unfortunately, ever since that time (early August, which more or less corresponds to version 22), font rendering in all Chromium-based browsers has changed and has become much, much worse. Fonts are now pale and very hard to read.

I have stopped using Chrome even though it was my favorite browser because these fonts are very bad. Lots of people are horrified about this, as you can see in these discussions. Screenshots are also posted to compare font rendering between older versions of Chromium/browsers like Opera and Firefox, and newer versions of Chromium.

I have switched to Opera for now.

The Chromium team doesn’t want to fix this and insists that it is the correct way to render websites. What I am asking is, if the issue is very easy to fix, would it be possible to give us an option to get the older font rendering back in Dragon?