Can anyone tell if the setup here is plain vanilla firewall with HIPS+?


The present Comodo software I have installed seems to contain Comodo anti-virus. Even though when I downloaded it, it was just a firewall. This is a bit annoying, I just want a firewall with HIPS+. So please tell me if the below is just firewall without virus. It’s on Comodo firewall page.

When will Comodo add boot-time scan and rootkit scan to it’s AV. I might consider using it when Comodo adds that but it should be free. I’m getting annoyed with Avast and I’m looking a new free good AV.


Does the main screen show an AV section? In that case you installed the suite. If you installed the firewall the cloud look up may detect a virus leading you to believe you may have installed the AV.

I don’t know, what does an AV section look like? There is “Scan” option after “Stop Network Activity” in the main screen.

Can you show a screenshot of the main interface?