can anyone help me ?

I need your help.
That’s why i use this email-address.

When i was hacked the first time, october 2018, i had 1 pc based on Windows.

I saw it happening how this hacker got in.

I got a pop-up screen for a Windows update, and i agreed.

Within 30 seconds i had no more internet,
which i thought was caused by a thunderstorm nearby.

The technician i saw the next morning told me he had to remove my anti-virus

to have my internet back. And it functioned.

1 day later no more internet.

Technician told me i had to remove my VPN ( from Nord).

Which i did.

And then the endless misery started.

I can write a book about everything they can do to make one’s online activity impossible.

They must have done it for malicious fun, because they never asked me money.

Very long story short :

Nord vpn could not help me via email.

When i called, they told me : if a hacker is in your system on a deeper layer,
we cannot help you.

After months of searching the internet for protection,
i was informed to buy very old pc’s with AMD processor, and to install Linux Mint on them.

It took me a month to fly to my homecountry to buy them.

But of all the technicians, in Alicante Spain where i live, that i contacted and who tried,
only one could install Linux mint, although they could give me no guarantees,
because they had never done it before,
and they were practically certain that very very few technicians would be able to help me.

Just before Corona, i had it all arranged, and during these 3 months of Corona standstill :
all was running well, until i made a big mistake :

I used Skype on one of these PC’s only for contacting people.

One day i got a pop-up message from Skype,
to install the latest version in only 1 minute, for better results, which i did.

The next morning 2 PC’s were dead + my printer.

On one of these PC’s, which i used only for copying info via USB sticks ,
and which was not connected to the internet, the content of that USB stick was emptied.

And when, after reinstalling Linux, i tried to copy my old reserve-USB,
the system told me it would take 640 hours to copy it. (26 days - before 1,5 hours).
(My suspicion is that the hacker installed a virus on it that infects all usb sticks.)

I had that PC reinstalled with Linux and only Google-software and products,
because the hackers could not break down the PC where, by luck, only Linux

  • Google products were installed.

But the technicians could not install on my other pc, the 2 different printers that i bought.
It even does not connect with the internet anymore when i connect it directly by cable.

My actual problems :

The only PC that is functioning is controlled by Google, (being based on Linux).
F.ex. i cannot manage the firewall.
They installed another password, but i can circumvent that by closing the pc and reopening it.
Then my original password still functions.

But i don’t want to touch that pc , untill the other one is functioning perfectly and safe.

The last time i saw my technician who was as desperate as i,
he told me that maybe the only option
was to totally empty my pc, and install linux on it.
But that as well, they never did before.

So my questions :

I asked that technician to ‘totally empty’ that pc, and install Linux Mint 20 on it.

  • to install
    FIrefox Browser
    a free antivirus and a free firewall (both specialized on Linux)
  • Teamviewer
  • activate the wifi again
    and after that to open the MInt firewall, (close INcoming, leave OUTgoing open)
    so that the hacker (or Google) could not enter again
    and a Linux specialist could help me ‘on distance’

On the internet i found instructions on how to install Teamviewer on Linux Mint
and activate the wifi on Linux mint, and sent it to him,
but i’m afraid he will not be able to do that.

Could you help me please to be hacker-free for the future with that pc,
and later do the same with another pc ?

Thanks for your answer.

Could you help me please to be hacker-free for the future with that pc, and later do the sa me with another pc ?
1) unplug the router (the one for the internet) before you go to sleep, when you wake up plug it back in. now you have a new ip address :) :)
  1. throw out ALL usb sticks thats not yours or have been used by anyone else. you dont know where its been. i recommend getting a new (cheap one) usb stick for yourself only. nobody else gets to use it. dont stick it in any machine thats not yours or if your not sure your own computer is safe.

  2. only do windows updates from the control panal or the very bottom right hand side of the screen (notification button). never from a browser screen

4)slowly convert all your emails to a new gmail account.
bonus but not required* with new gmail account activate 2 factor authentication
Google & Gmail - Authy
Authentication Tools for Secure Sign In - Google Safety Center <—i recommend this over the other one

all about spam

how to surf the net

this should bring you up to speed. :slight_smile:

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