Can anyone help me?

I want to install the new uefi boot with windows 7 64 bit, but from what I read on the internet I have to delete the disks, that mean C(windows), and D(in here I have my personal data like photo etc)? Or I can delete only the C partition(windows),without delete the D partition(my personal data), and hit new in order to create all 3 partitions, that require UEFI to work: System, Reserved, Disk 0(C), and preserve my D partition? And the last question: If I delete C partition in order to create these 3 partition, D will remain D after the delete and create process of C, or it will become C? Please I need a good advice, I don’t wont to loss my data

Do you have MBR now?

No, I still use the 32 bit vers, so no mbr created at this time, I want to install 64 bit ASAP, because I updated my system from 2 to 6gb ram.
How remain with the delete and recreation of partition C, will partition D become C during this process, then recreated C will become D(change his name that is all about here, this stuff was happening in windows xp, I want to know if this thing still exist in w7)?

If you already have UEFI partition then reinstall shouldn’t be a problem. I’m afraid I didn’t understand clearly what you want. You can consult at respective forum at Wilders.