Can anyone help me in installing Linux mint 17.1?

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I plan to leave windows in coming month, and I want to know how to install Linux Mint correctly (I have 2 NTFS Partion: C:/ with Windows, and D:/ with my personal stuff) from what I’ve read on forums, Linux doesn’t support NTFS format, since it doesn’t support this type of format how can I manage to see the D:/ partition without move my all my files on another hard drive and reformat the D:/ partition in order to have once again 2 working partition?

I need a small guide or some steps in how to resolve this minor issues(Is my first time on Linux ;D )

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Hi Realnature

Here is one way you can install Linux Mint 17.1 , that is easy to install found here> INSTALL any Linux the EASY way - Linux Mint [COMPLETE GUIDE] - YouTube

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P.S. There are many Youtube Videos out there to show you from all different methods. However the link I showed is straight forward

Linux supports NTFS: NTFS - Wikipedia

Nice thx for that :slight_smile:

Thanks for the guide, really useful. :-TU

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Your welcome RealNature

Kind regards :■■■■