Can anybody shed some light on this for me?

Ok I have to type this fast cause I don’t know if its gonna happen again.
When I am browsing the web comodo suddenly crashes on me for no apparent reason! A window pops up and says “comodo has experienced an error” and it gives me a .dmp file to send to comodo, I am afraid to click this box, I don’t know if a hacker is inside my computer and he is making that appear for what ever reason…
What ever the case can somebody please tell me what this means in layman’s term?
This is the error it produces:

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Can you tell us a bit more about the computer and it’s history.

Did you just recently started to use the computer with CIS installed ?
What’s the version of Windows you are using ? XP/Vista 32/64 bit language ?
Are you logged on as Administrator or are you using a limited account ?

What’s the version of CIS installed ?

Do you have any other security software installed (being active real-time or on-demand).

This is caused because something on your system makes cmdagent crash it’s safe to send it to Comodo so they can have a look at why it crashed and help prevent that in a new version.

AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3500+ 2.19 GHz, 448 MB of RAM

512MB Memory

200GB Hard Drive

DVD+RW Drive

Integrated ATI RADEON XPRESS 200

Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002 Service Pack 2

Those are my system specs, ive had this PC for around 3-4 years I would guess.
I have been using comodo for about 1 full year I would say, I googled “best firewalls” and comodo was a choice and here I am.
I am currently logged on under a limited account, I like to stay logged on with my limited account and do anything admin-related from my limited account.
I am currently using version of Comodo Internet Security.
I don’t have any other security tools besides Comodo products installed, I use Comodo internet security and Comodo Memory Firewall.
And when the crash happens it only happens to CIS the Memory Firewall is not affected by the crash.
Thanks for any help!

I would suggest upgrading to the latest version 3.8.x.477 because some issues where fixed in that version.
Also i would uninstall Comodo Memory Firewall as Buffer overflow protection is now integrated in CIS (You can find it in Defense+ Settings, Image Execution).


I thought I was using the latest version, thanks for pointing this out to me!
I did what you suggested and uninstalled Comodo memory firewall, I will keep this thread updated should anything happen.
Thanks for your help Ronny!

Ok now I am completely confused.
I removed the old version of comodo firewall and installed the newer version as you suggested, that worked well for awhile, but comodo crashed on me again!
The crash is not the weirdest part though, what is strange is that I noticed the version I updated to the 3.8.x.477 version reverted back to version it down-graded by itself after the crash…
What is even stranger is that the crash.dmp I got is a whole new .dmp file from the first crash.dmp file I posted.
Here is the updated crash.dmp file I received from the current crash.

I have completely uninstalled CIS and installed the new version from the comodo site.
But when I update and check the version of CFP.exe it says the version is I have uninstalled/reinstalled about 10 times already, I cant figure out what I’m doing wrong!
I am installing the Firewall from my admin account and that still don’t work it still says I’m using version
Its driving me fricking crazy.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Okay a bit of a confusion here, that’s the latest version number for cfp.exe.

The version number for the total installation can be found on the GUI, Misc, About box.
That should display 3.8.65951.477