can a moderator or someone good in security take a look at these pictures solved

HI all here are pics of my redo everything please tell me if all looks ok now thanks all i did it all without a reinstall i hope all is ok now.

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why are 90% of your D+ Trusted Apps? Its better to leave them all as custom policy and give them only the privileges they need (as least as possible). I only have 6 “Windows System Application” and the rest are Custom Policy.

Why is it bad to make them trusted ?? if so i can revert them back to custom. I was under the impression that if you trusted the apps to make them trusted?

if need be i can redo these and leave a selected few trusted most of the open office has reverted back as it is by them self’s. so like i said if i need to i will do this takes Les then a few seconds

(:AGY) (:AGY) (:AGY) (:AGY) (:AGY) I"M FEED UP WITH THIS i was told to make them trusted now i’m told to make them custom so which is it trusted or custom i’m so sick and tired of this all ready. don’t get me wrong i like comodo and what they stand for. but sick and tired of the confusing run around i want a straight forward answer. should i change them back leave them as be or what i get one answer to only be doubled by a different answer. can you see were the confusion sets in pretty soon i will be driven to take up smoking again.

Umm Fazio is not a modder. Nothing wrong with having things trusted. Gezzz. Dont make mountains out of molehills. If you left things alone you wouldn’t have any problems. You keep playing with things then asking us questions. Install Comodo and let it be. All my games are trusted as well as other programs I use.

i now he is not one i was told by one to make them trusted now i’m told to make them custom so which is better custom or trusted i’m confused and at the same time aggravated to all hell.

To me there is no difference. Custom will be default if you just click “allow”. Trusted will be selected if you make it Trusted from the drop down. There is no security difference. If its a known program that you know and trust then make it trusted.

sorry to be upset don’t mean to take this out on you all please forgive me i’m in a lot of pain neck injury. if they are fine the whey they are i leave them. I was told to make them trusted as they were programs i use. some if not all have reverted back to custom for reason unknown to me lol.

If you trust the app 100%, then there is nothing wrong with making it trusted.

Also, you know your system better than anyone else. :wink: People tell you how they like their system and they use their own beliefs and customs in telling you. As you can see people’s beliefs differ. Some people believe custom is the way to go in case there is a flaw in the app that allows an attacker to do something and if the program doesn’t have the right to gain admin privileges, then the attacker can’t do anything and so forth, but that is a one in a billion chance.

I believe trusted is the way to go for apps that you trust so then there is no restrictions on them and they may end up working better since a part of them is not restricted. The apps that you are not too certain about, you can move down to custom and create rules that will allow what the programmer says it should need on their site. Sometimes I noticed that some apps do more than what the website lists, like access the internet even though auto-updating is turned off and it’s not the address of the update site either. So, some apps you do need to watch. Go through your list of network connections in CFP and see what apps are connecting where and then see if they really need to do that, or if their product site says they do. If not, then you may wish to restrict them a bit.

I hope this is a good unbiased post for you.

thanks star :slight_smile: i leave them as is then will all be redone anyone when new version comes out

Very nicely said. +1. I know all my programs in my pc. All 250 of them. I trust them all. Fogger you are also behind a hardware firewall which makes you safer then most. I can uninstall Comodo and still great inbound protection cause of my NAT( modem hardware firewall).

Stop worrying about a new version of Comodo. Everyone knows they are working on CIS.

I’m not forcing anyone to do anything. As a matter of fact, when I asked the same question as frogger did a while back, someone told me that their preference was giving apps only the privileges they needed to perform and I went by that because I’m comfortable with that. Its personal preference and I’m just showing you my opinion. Its not that big of a deal really… :slight_smile:

i’m redoing everything uninstall allready one one p.c. and now doing it on this one gona leave well enough alone this time :slight_smile:

Your too much Frooger. You didn’t need to do all that if Comodo wasn’t giving you any errors or troubles.

I wanted to start with a clean slate :slight_smile: