Can 3.0 do this?

I have a network at home in the 192.168. range, consisting of a desktop and a laptop (wireless). I would like to be able to have access from laptop to desktop and vice versa (sharing HD) BUT: with this laptop I also connect in hotel rooms using the same 192.168 range AND in Argentina my (radio based) Internet provider issues his clients static IP’s in the same range to connect to the INternet. In short, in one case 192.168’s are friends, in another scenario they are foes.
Is there any way in CF 3.0 to define different ‘zones’ or something to reflect this trust/mistrust and select such settings on a per case basis (at home, hotel, in Argentina)?


I guess it would be far more easy to change your home network base address to use another IP range.

CFP can switch the entire config on-the-fly (miscellanous\manage my configuration) however this will not specifically address your request.
In fact even if you can create alternate configurations and switch them you cannot share part of the ruleset between the two configs.

You could try to test if Firewall\Advanced\My blocked network zones could be used to block untrusted IP ranges when you need.

You can add any existing network zone to your blocked zone list when you need however if you add a zone that includes the IP needed to use your wifi access you won’t be able to connect.