CAMP Content Agnostic Malware Protection

Dragon is my browser of choice, v36.1.1.21, using comodo DNS. Lately reading some info about Google’s development of CAMP Content Agnostic Malware Protection implemented in Chrome or perhaps in canary versions of Chrome(?). Given reports I’m reading of the effectiveness of CAMP blocking malware via browser, is CAMP an active feature of Dragon? If not, will it, when will it, be added as a feature? And there is some discussion of google_servers, so if using comodo DNS does that, would that, disable CAMP? Thanks.
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Hasn’t CAMP been part of Google Chrome since 2013? Recent builds of CD with recent Chromium should already have that, correct?

thanks for the links! But still “unclear” to me if CAMP is in Dragon and how Google_servers are involved or how they’d be involved with Dragon using comodo DNS. If CAMP is as effective as some of the claims, then perhaps CAMP is in Dragon and when CAMP needs Google_servers it uses them without any user interaction or notification…??