camera help

hi comodo

i m looking for camera capturer for my lenovo g550

i mean a free software which can shoot photo and can shoot video from my laptop camera.

thank u

WebcamXP is good

Ewen :slight_smile:

i cant shoot pic or video for free in that. its limited. i want free software with timer, so that i can adjust timer before shooting picture or video.

i installed webcamxp but now i cant uninstall it. i cant find webcamxp list in control panel to remove it.

how to remove?

Hi Mittal,
Have you rebooted after installing, it might not show up otherwise?
Also look for uninstall file in the webcamxp folder.

It should appear in Control Panel.

Use Revo Uninstaller or Comodo Programs Manager to remove it.

i deleted its folder from c drive so is that deleted completely?

No, because there are probably registry entries and hidden files/folders leftovers…
Delete is not equal to uninstall…it is enough to delete only in cases when you unpack some archived game/application and run them without installation.

You may use ManyCam/WebCamMax (Manycam I use)


wat i do now? i deleted its folde and all files. how to uninstall it all?

Run registry cleaner and delete all its traces.
I would recommend Glary Utilties (free) or TuneUp Utilities (paid).
Even CCleaner has it… :wink:

Hi mittal,

1st. deleting “…its folder…” is completely improper way to deal with the issue , plus it does not mean that you’ve deleted all folders :wink:

Probably I missed that , but have you tried the supplied uninstaller?

Any uninstaller can fail (CIS is still included into the list of improper uninstallers) ,
… but
when you just deleted the folder that doesn’t mean you are Ok - that is “not how you make porridge”.

There can be other folders & Registry leftovers… unfortunately
You have to search all PC , knowing at least the name of the Software

Keep in mind that working with the Registry & cleaning unnecessary stuff out of there needs some (rather a lot!) of experience

Messages like

do not make much sense
CCleaner is extremely reliable …. but it cannot do all job – it is too soft
(“Glary Utilties” or “TuneUp” included. No way I would ever use those after intensive testing, my personal opinion)

So re: the files/folders you have to search PC globally in the 1st place

Then, knowing the pattern of the Software names you can use such tools as RegScanner – excellent Utility (lighting fast!)

Another one is a RegSeeker (despite the free development was stopped …as far as I know)
That is a brilliant Reg Tool in any case I’m still using it … no failures yet for many years of using it here (pretty much slow though compare to the above)

Finally at this stage, since I do not know this particular Software, does it introduce any service(s) driver(s), when installed?

If so, cleaning may be a bit different , meaning including additional steps