CAMAS Uploader

I made a little tool in VB.NET that allows to upload files to CAMAS.

It can be used as an alternative for the buggy file submission in Comodo.

It doesn’t upload files in the subfolders, please include the files you want to upload in the folder you select.


Thanks malware1, for this usefull tool :-TU

Nice work. I’m waiting for the next version with context menu. :smiley:

LOL :smiley: People loved it malware1 you now get feature requests :-TU ;D

Nice tool bro !

Thanks malware1! :-TU

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello my Comodo user friends :slight_smile:

One of my friend who is developer of Cyberfox browsers :wink: improved this tool and it looks nice and works better now.

Change log:

-removed: background worker
-added: upload files thread
-added: safe delegates for safe threading
-added: background image
-changed: font state from normal to bold
-changed: progress bar count, tick, size and position.
-added: reset ui causing form to restart after upload complete message to refresh all ui components
-added: source code and read-me file.

-First created.

I really appreciated the developer of Cyberfox browsers. He helped me on this matter and he made the tool.
Please read the README.txt file in the file that I uploaded.

Download source code and tool here : - [now defunct] Free File Hosting

Enjoy :smiley:

AnalyZer 1.0.2

Change log:

v1.0.2 GUI
Added: Version information to product title
Added: Character limit on folder path field (256)
Removed: Control.CheckForIllegalCrossThreadCalls = true from form load event (left over from debugging threads and original background worker with no delegates).
Added: Context menu to folder path input field
Added: Select all menu item
Added: Paste menu item
Added: Clear menu item
Added: Instant copy folder path from clipboard if folder path input field is empty (Note: Does not check if text is valid folder path it copies any text on clipboard).
Changed: Assembly & Application versions to 1.0.2
Updated: Source code and readme file

v1.0.0 CONSOLE
AnalyZerC (Console)
Takes (1) argument /dir=“path\to\folder”
Must contain folder path in double quotations.

Example: AnalyZerC.exe /dir=“C:\my files\samples”

Important: Must contain folder path in double quotations with no trailing slash on folder path ("C:\my files\samples") will through an illegal character error.

Download : Link Removed (because CAMAS is no longer active. Use Valkyrie instead)

Thanks to Cyberfox developer again!
note: This project is open-source project. You can improve the codes and you can share again! If you did any changes on codes, please write it in README file, thanks

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Nice stuff, thanks yigido for info :wink:

This tool seems very helpful. Is there any way to add an option so that it could open up the pages which show the results, or is that beyond the scope of this project?

Thanks. Now that I know about this I love this tool. :-TU

It might be helpfull @Chiron thanks.
But our aim on this first “Sending files to Comodo then give SHA1 values to analysts” so tool does its job perfect.
Source code is lying under the download button, one smart Comodo employee can do this and give us a great tool that give CAMAS result link. :azn: