Calling Some Files Malware When Their Not.

CIS is calling some files malware and taking them out of programs when they are not malware.
How do I get Comodo to put them back?
The program is, CDBurnerXP.
Without those files I get errors burning DVDs.
Please guide me to putting them back.

Check the quarantine and use restore option and click yes to add to exclusion.

Actually. I found a way. First, there was no button to click to get to get to quarantine. But clicking, “TASKS” led me to them.
From there I unblocked the files.
Click, “TASKS” then click, “Unblock Applications”, locate the file, click it and then click, “Unblock”.
I am running CIS Premium 10. Fantastic application, I might add!
Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile: