Call/SMS blocking not working - CMS 2.0.278372.33


I’m using Comodo Mobile Security CMS 2.0.278372.33 - it seems the call blocking feature is not working.
Even for numbers in Blacklist - the phone rings as usual and needs manual intervention.

I’m using LBE security together with CMS - is this an issue?
Same settings used to work earlier - disabled LBE and then tried - same result.

All help will be appreciated.

thx in advance.


It’s working here - CMS immediately rejects an incoming call.

Samsung galaxy s III, Android 4.1.2

is there any conflict with LBE Security…?

The CMS widget in notification as well as in-app logs show the block counts - but I get call prompts (with ringtone) like a normal call.

any help will be appreciated.

may have found a bug -

  1. if there’s a number in the blacklist - and you accept the call, then CMS remembers this and allows all calls from all Blacklisted nos to come in as normal.

Expecting a quick fix.

Thanks in advance.