Call Of Duty Ghost

Yes I play it >:-D

I found this post from 2012

Hi, I found that there are a lot of topics about this problem but everything I looked at didn’t solved my problem… I already configured the UPnP from my router to be enabled and also Single Port Forward for UDP/TCP from port 3074 to 3074 then Port Forward for UDP/TCP for the ports 27000-27050 as detailed in for Modern Warfare 3. When I disable the Comodo’s Firewall the NAT changes to OPEN but if I enable it back goes into MODERATE. I’ve tried a lot of stuff for the program. The game is set to be completely trusted in the Firewall’s rules, does anybody know what else can I try?

And I have the exact same problem, If i use windows firewall or Outpost Firewall. I get port open on this game.
If I use Comodo I get NAT moderate in the game. I tried creating a global rule for port 3074 but it would still show NAT as Moderate. And I would think that creating a global rule would not be good, as the port would always be open… or would it?

To port fort with Comodo you do have to make a global rule and a rule for the listening application. If no application is listening for for said traffic, that information is disregarded.