Call of Duty, BitTorrent with Comodo 3


yesterday I installed Comodo v.3. I can see that there are a lot of improvements in comparison to the v.2 version but some things are driving me nuts.

For instance, when I launch Call of Duty 2 the menu screen is locked and I can’t do anything. The reason is that in the background, underneath, Comodo is popping up a window. I guess it’s asking what to do, but I have already made a rule for the CoD multiplayer exe and pointed out that it is a trusted application and it may let through incoming and outgoing communications to and from any IP.
Normally I could minimize CoD but this seems to be blocked. I do see the mouse cursor (the windows one, CoD’s is blocked) change down-right when going over invisible options/buttons, but that’s it.

Also, for Bittorrent I don’t get a green light and thus have lousy download speeds. In Comodo v.2 I made a rule in which I binded a range of ports for the Bittorrent client. Then when I started a torrent I moved that rule up one place, so it didn’t get blocked, and when finished I moved it back down. As I only download things via torrent irregularly I was happy with that way of working.

Btw, I am running Comodo in learning mode, but this doesn’t help me either.

Help me please. :cry:


You need to put Comodo on traing mode which is “game mode”. Then it will learn CDO2 and 4. Works for me.

I tried what you suggested.

I went to FirewallAdvancedFirewall Behaviour Settings and set it on Training Mode but, for me, the problem remains. :cry:

Delete all entries of COD, Then right click on the icon in the system tray and select “training”. Or uninstall Comodo then reinstall it. You can also go into security settings and allow it. COD2 and 4 work for me. You need to allow Punkbusters also.

Off topic :

Ah COD 2 and 4 players too, I am in good company :■■■■ Btw the COD 2 modern wapens MP mod is cool guys, did you try that already (:KWL)

On topic :

Vettetech is right : Delete all entries for COD and Punkbuster and use Training Mode :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

Okay, I forgot about the freakin’ punkbuster files. First I tried to play only with making extra rules for Punkbuster A & B. That didn’t work so…

I removed all CoD entries from both the Firewall & Defence+ sections. You can find these under respectively Network Security Policy & Computer Security Policy.

Then I switched for both Firewall & Defence+ to the Training mode. After that I launched CoD and it worked just fine.

After I played a game and exited CoD I switched Firewall & Defence+ back to Training with Safe Mode. CoD still works now. ;D

The only thing you’ll have to make sure of is that when switching back to Training with Safe Mode you will be asked to review some files. These are the punkbuster files and I added them to “My own Safe files”. That’s it.

Thanks for the help Vettetech. (:CLP)

@Rednose: tried that Modern Weapons mod a year ago… it’s not bad (:TNG) … going CoD 4 next month! (:KWL)