CALL OF DUTY 2 crashes after comodo firewall asks me if i want let it connect through internet i m answering allow and then the game crashes,when i m closing firewall online game works anybody can help me here please?

The easiest way to get online games to work with CPF is to do a google for the ports that the game needs. Once you have these, set up network monitors rules to allow these ports. Then, set up application rules for the COD2 executable and tell it to ignore parent or learn parent.

Its a bit long winded, but this method works and it helps you get a better understanding of how the rules in CPF interact with applications adn your internet connection.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. I plan to start compiling the parameters for the network monitor rules for the most popular games in the new year. I’ll set this up as a separate topic and if I can nut it out, I’ll post the REG files to make it easier to add these rules.


Thank you very much for your quick responce panic , this helped a lot .