Call me stupid but I just saw for the 1st time that sandbox is working!

I have never tried sandboxie but have heard about it as it is a popular program.

When Comodo came up with its sandbox feature though not to be confused with sandboxie I never quite assured that it was actually working at all . . . until today.

I had been uninstalling and installing a program and decided to put the newly installed program shortcut icon on my desktop.

So I did that but without actually executing the shortcut.

On next reboot that shortcut on my desktop just went missing. Curious I created the same shortcut on the desktop and rebooted. Sure enough the shortcut just disappeared after rebooting. Soon after I realized that the shortcut had never been executed and so I did just that and ■■■■ it was sandboxed by Comodo. I quickly removed the shortcut from untrusted and rebooted the machine. And now the shortcut stays. Couldn’t be happier when you get to see sandbox to actually work! ;D

Windows 7 x64 here!

Glad to hear you are happy Micheal, and if anyone calls you stupid throw them in to the sandbox and leave them in the unrecognized list. Kind regards.

Why stupid It’s important that we users know if something works or not.

Valentin N