Cache Cleaner Running for a Very Long Time [~] [v6]

The Cache Cleaner has been running for almost 9 hours on my machine. What could be causing this?

I do not believe that this is normal behavior. However, can you please check how much CPU it is using?

This is supposed to update the cache while the computer is idle, but I do not believe it is intended to use much CPU.

Running with background priority, using 50% of CPU.

I’m pretty sure this is not correct.

Unless you have already done this can you please try reinstalling CIS using the advice I recommend in this topic. Also, be sure not to import any old rules.

Then, after reinstalling, if you have not already done that, please see if this same behavior continues.

If it does please create a bug report for this.


Before I have to go through with this, any idea why this could be happenning?

I’m not sure. Hopefully someone else has some ideas.

Hi Jaspion,
Do you have any other possibly conflicting installed software that could be interfering with the process?

I had a problem before:

Which may have been caused by conflict with Kingsoft AV. However to this day the problem has not reoccurred, so that diminishes the chances of being an actual conflict – if it were the problem should probably have appeared again.

And aside from Kingsoft AV, I don’t see any other program that could interfere.

I stopped the task at almost 14 hours running. I’ll be watching the behavior next time I turn the machine on.

Does running diagnostics in CIS come up error free?

Yes, no errors. Just booted the machine now, the Cache Cleaner is back running as it was before. I’ve disabled Kingsoft’s real-time to see if that makes a difference. Normally, how long should the Cache Cleaner take to finish?

It is typically running for estimated 5 minutes on my systems.

This is just a stab in the dark.
You could try deleting the cache builder task under Comodo in Windows Task Scheduler in case the task is corrupt in some way.

After deletion to renew the task simply go to CIS, Advanced settings, Security settings, Antivirus, Realtime scan, select Run cache builder when computer is idle then OK.

I let it run for hours with Kingsoft AV real time off. So probably not the cause.

I did what you said but via the AV options first. Then I went to the Task Scheduler and the task had been successfully deleted. I re-enabled it now. Let’s see how it goes. (Kingsoft AV is back on).

After disabling and re-enabling the task, it ran once successfully – meaning it started, did its thing and finished. But after a while it was running again, went on for about 4 hours. Definitely something is wrong. I stopped it, deleted the task via Task Scheduler, disabled and re-enabled it via options window.

Again it had the same behavior. This time I let Kingsoft real-time off all along, so the Cache Cleaner started without it being on, so I believe that rules out for good any compatibility issues.

Unless someone has some other ideas, it might be time to consider Chirons advice in reply 3, sorry my suggestion did not help with this issue.
Edit: Corrected spelling.

Ok I’m still a little bit reluctant to do so. I installed CIS 6 on December 21 or 22. I uninstalled CIS 5 before installing new version. If this were a problem with previous installation, why take so long to show a problem?

If I have this correct are you saying this didn’t happen when first installing V6, only more recent?
Sorry I am lost at what else to suggest, other than around the time this started occurring can you track down any other system changes or settings changes?

Can you run a rating scan and post the summary results, no of safe/unknown/bad etc?

I use Process Hacker to see what’s going on in my system, particularly by paying attention to the tray icons. I’m wondering how many people have this problem and have never noticed.

I realized something was wrong because the CPU usage never dropped below 50%. When did this begin to happen? Yes, only recently. Funnily, the only system change I recall making at the time was that I uninstalled Sandboxie. From what I could gather, this behavior may just have started after this uninstallation.

What could have happened to cause this?

Strange. Perhaps part of Sandboxie did not uninstall correctly.

Rating Scan results: 6 unknown files in Windows\Assembly folder. The files are not normally selectable (the folder CIS finds is unreachable, I can’t upload anything to VirusTotal for example. But I suppose this is expected behavior as this is a special folder?

All 6 files are new (3 days old). 3 days ago I had a Windows Update, so I guess that’s where they came from.

Oh something I forgot to mention, the Cache Cleaner started running again on its own, even though the setting is disabled!