Cache Cleaner always running, never finishes, always comes back

Forgive the lack of logs or reports, I’m trying to post this as quickly as possible before my computer crashes the browser again. I also have not figured out where to get the log files from(couldn’t find it in options).

My Comodo Security Suite keeps running a task “Cache Cleaner”, and it never finishes. It claims to run in the background, but the reality is that it takes over 50% of my processor, even if I run something that needs the full amount. Naturally this makes my computer mostly useless because it’s crashing on even simple things like the web browsers.

I can terminate the task by using the Comodo Task Manager, but as soon as I step away from the computer for more then about 15 minuites, it comes right back up. It does stay shut off if I am constantly using the PC.

Since many of the things I use my computer for require it to be running while I am away(such as Minecraft Servers for everyone else on our LAN, or 3d Rendering programs that take several hours to produce results), this is not an acceptable solution. I need to be able to leave my system alone without babysitting it and know for sure that it won’t crash the other programs by starting up this service in Comodo.

I’ve tried leaving it on overnight with priority set to “High”. It makes no difference what the priority is set to because it still takes exactly 50% of the CPU. If I kill the job in the Comodo Task Manager, the CPU use in task manager drops to 5%, the normal amount it was at before this issue.

I’ve run it on high for 17 hours straight, and still found it running the next day. My computer only takes 4 hours to run a full virus scan of all directories on both Hard Drives, so whatever it is trying to do it is probably stuck.

I’ve also tried unchecking the “Run Cache builder when computer is idle” option, as suggested in another thread. Either Comodo is ignoring my settings, or the Cache Cleaner is not related to the builder. It still is running the cache cleaner regardless.

Toggling Real Time Scanning or checking for updates also has no effect on the Cache Cleaner. It does show up right away if I run an update check though. This leads me to believe that it’s probably trying to clean up whatever temp files are used for updating Comodo. I don’t know what to do with this info however.

Please, I really need to turn this “feature” off or get Comodo to stop using 50% of the CPU, so my computer is useful again!

After further fiddling, I’ve narrowed down when this process is run:

-When the computer is first booted up.

-When the Antivirus is updated, or checks for updates. (It doesn’t matter if it actually finds updates, the Cache Cleaner process is run regardless.

-When Comodo checks for daily updates.

The current and only solution I have for the problem is to always be in front of my computer checking the Comodo Task Manager before doing anything, and turning Comodo’s updates and anti-virus updates to only check every 24 hours. This isn’t an ideal setup for a number of reasons, the main one being no updates for Comodo, and it does not solve the issue of the CPU being instantly half used when the system starts up(this crashes a lot of my other programs such as Google Drive and Dropbox, which also must start when the system starts up).

The big problem is that when Comodo and something else is taking 100% of the CPU, I cannot open Comodo Task Manager. There is a LONG delay, even using the “Common Tasks” panel, because the task manager doesn’t actually have higher priority then any other apps running when it is loading up. So basically, I’ve been forced to either shut down the other program till only Comodo is running, or hard resetting my computer(sometimes the other app can’t be shut down for a similar reason of the CPU being too busy, such as a 3d modeling program running a rendering process.)

I hope this additional information helps narrow down the issue. If there is anything further you need me to test, please let me know. I’d also appreciate any help in fixing this, whether through an update to Comodo or a suggestion for new settings to make this workable in the meantime.

Can you see what happens when you disable cache builder in Task Manager? Does that make a difference or not.

Disabling it in Task Manager, I assume with the “Stop” button? Comodo closes the task, and the computer runs as normal. But as soon as Comodo runs any of it’s automatic updates, the task is back again and eating 50% of the cpu till I close the task again with Comodo Task Manager.

I’ve been manually updating the antivirus database and program myself. Each time, I have to also make sure to have Comodo Task Manager open before I run the update, so I can terminate the Cache Cleaner process after the update/scan is complete. If I don’t open Comodo Task Manager before running the scan, opening Comodo Task Manager becomes an exercise in patience due to the Cache Cleaner process slowing down Comodo’s interface opening the Task Manager.

I also went into the options and unchecked “Run cache builder when computer is idle”. That keeps it from running randomly. It’s worth noting that with this box checked, even if I was running something like a game or server that used 100% of the CPU, Comodo would try to run it’s cache process. It seems to not understand what “idle” means, because it never stops running if I need the cpu again, and it will try to start running even if I am currently using all cores of the processor myself. I don’t know if this problem is related, or if this is a side effect of the “always running cache cleaner” problem.

This checkbox has no effect on Comodo running the Cache Cleaner process after a virus scan or program update, so while it helped a bit to turn that feature off, it didn’t help solve the problem completely.

Sorry. I meant to say try disabling Cache Builder in Windows Task Scheduler. Sorry about that.

In general, this is a windows issue because it can’t really tell (exactly) if you’re idle. As I remember, If you are running a screen saver then it’s considered idle else it is considered based on CPU usage.
Make sure you do not have many tasks/programs to be executed while idle or logon.

I can’t figure out where Windows Task Scheduler is. A search on my start menu or in the control panel doesn’t pull it up. Can I have some “for dummies” instructions where I would get to that in windows 7? Never had to get there before.

I have no screensaver. I turn off my screen myself during not using the computer.

The task tries to run in comodo after a virus scan or update, regardless if the CPU is being used over 50% already. I tested by running a few games and apps to flood the cpu with tasks, then running a short virus update to start the Cache Cleaner process. It tried to start the Cache Cleaner even with 100% use of the cpu in the windows Task Manager.

The Cache Cleaner process currently only runs after a virus scan or program update now. But it will never finish even if I set the priority to high and close all other programs(servers included). I left it on overnight like that and the only thing that seemed to change is the time running the process in Comodo’s task manager. No errors, no response, just a constant hogging of the CPU for 12 hours straight while the process itself appears to be doing nothing. Aside from the processor use, the Hard Drive isn’t even being accessed(led on the drive access wasn’t blinking while the Cache Cleaner is running), so whatever it’s “cleaning” isn’t even being cleaned. The Cleaner seems to just be stuck every time it runs.

Quick way,

Run > %windir%\system32\taskschd.msc /s

Select “COMODO” Folder.

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Thanks for the clear instructions!

Here’s the task scheduler:

As you can see in the screenshot, Comodo disabled the task like it’s checkbox is supposed to in it’s own options. The task hasn’t run through the Task Scheduler since 4/6/2014. The message is a bit cut off but says “The operation completed successfully (0x0)”

I had some spare time, so I took a flip through everything else on the tasks folders, and pretty much all other startup or idle related things are part of windows or the networking protocols and such, nothing I’ve installed touched this from the default.

So the only time the task is running is now after updates to Comodo. And when it does, it runs endlessly unless I manually stop it myself. Every time.

First of all, let’s re-install. Please use the following procedure and come back with results.

  1. Create restore point. [guide]
  2. Run > control appwiz.cpl
  3. Select “COMODO Internet Security Premium” > Click on “Uninstall/Change” > Use uninstaller.
  4. Download this removal tool.
  5. Boot into “Safe Mode”. [guide]
  6. Run the removal tool.
  7. Restart your computer system.
  8. Run > cleanmgr /verylowdisk
  9. Download latest version. Install.
  10. Run Diagnostics Tool. [guide]

Sorry, I finally got around to doing this. Been really busy elsewhere.

Following those steps for reinstalling Comodo seems to have cleared and fixed the problem, so far.

If the problem comes back, I’ll try saving a report using the diagnostics tool and post here. So far so good though. I did lose all my settings for firewall/antivirus and sandbox…though I guess there was no way around that and it shouldn’t take more then a few days of regular computer use to rebuild it all back.

So far I think it’s fixed, as when I tried updating the antivirus database, there is no longer the Cache Cleaner running afterwords. It shows up for a split second and then closes itself away, leaving the task manager blank after the update and freeing up the CPU again. Everything is currently working like it’s supposed to again.

I have used Comodo for several years, but I just uninstalled Comodo (free antivirus version 6) last night, due to this frustrating high CPU usage repeatedly reappearing whenever it has been installed for a while and updated to the latest.
The ‘system’ process in task manager - pretty much for an 8 core CPU.
I found out a while ago, in Process Explorer, that cmdagent.exe was the culprit. It’s like it’s just integrated within the new version of the programme.
Why, Comodo, why did you have to turn the program into such a memory hog?
Or is this because my OS (WinxP) is now outdated, that it runs less efficently?

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You’re using version 6. Last week version 8 was released. May be that fixes the problem for you?

I would not call cmdagent.exe a resource hog for memory looking at the screenshots you posted. Do you have a lot of D+ rules?

Did this new build fix this CPU problem, that many appeared to have?
No, I didn’t make any rules, other than turn off sandbox (extremely annoying restrictions) and turn off cache builder (which has been said by people here to use resources).