Cache Builder


what is the purpose of the antivirus “cache builder”? I cant find information about it and I dont like the word “cache”, in most cases its bad for my ssd.


Found it on the help section Real Time Scanning Software – Virus Protection | Internet Security v6.3 |COMODO

No, there is only a description for the option for turning it off.

I cant see a explanation for the Cache Builder itself.

Hmm while I can’t find a full description on the function of the Cache builder itself here are my thoughts.

For the antivirus it likely stores file details from when a specific file was last scanned, the results, and when changes were last made to it. If when scanning that file it has not changed since the last scan, it probably skips that file, thus decreasing scan time.

Just my thoughts, I could be wrong but that’s what it sounds like to me.

Odds are it will occupy some space on your SSD just monitor the size if you don’t like it, disable it.

After each update (related, after each reboot) the cache cleaner is running for some minutes (look in the task manager of CIS to see him running).
When the computer is next time idle, the cache building will start again.

I have no idea why a cache should have to be erased after each update.

I believe this tries to keep the cache up to date. The idea is to balance usability with security. Thus, I believe what it is doing is removing files from the cache if they have not been scanned within a certain period of time.