CA Forum

I know that the CA Forum was created by and sponsored by Comodo.

Where can I get more information about this organization? I can’t find anything substantial on the internet about it. Are there any documents that the group publishes? Is there anyway to get information about the meetings or what is being discussed?

Well, it will soon issue its standards (aiming for end of sept). Hopefully you will find more public info then.
At the moment its kept fairly private.

you can ask me questions if you wish and i will try to answer as much as I can (can’t promise that I can tell you certain things though)…


Fair enough.

One issue I’m interested in is how this organization’s standards will fit in with WebTrust for CAs. It seems to me that if these standards are jointly written and agreed upon by the CAs AND the browser developers, WebTrust will no longer be so meaningful. Or perhaps the CA Forum’s standards will use WebTrust as a starting point, and continue from there.

Melih, can you comment on the future importance of WebTrust to you as a CA, and how the work of the CA Forum fits in with or usurps WebTrust.

You always need third party auditors to come and audit CAs to make sure they comply with their CPS (Certificate Practice Statement). With the new standards, all that means is webtrust has to audit all the CAs to make sure they are compliant with the new standards. So the value of webtrust will still be there and even increase.

PS: I think one point that i should clarify is: Webtrust is not a standard as such, but auditing that certifies that you do what you say you do.