Happy holidays all :slight_smile: is it safe to disable alg.exe(application layer gateway)and if so any advise on how would be appreciated.

I am using a cable connection with a router and always have alg.exe listening on port 1025.

Having read several posts about various windows applications not actually being required access so i have made a few changes and all advise has been top notch, so thanks to all for shareing your knowledge with us.

Kind regards Matty



Everything works fine if you disable alg.exe :wink:
By the way, if you use a router you can disable DHCP Client and DNS Client (not sure if this is because I use OpenDNS or not).


Hi, this site gives info on other windows services that can be safely disabled. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

If you use ICS, you will need ALG

Thanks all,when you say ICS toggie do you mean file to file or printer sharing etc between two computers as i dont do this.What i have is my dad and i have are own computers wired into a cable router but as completely differant systems with no communication between the two.We do ultimately share the same incoming cable so the router acts as a small LAN(getting the hang of these acronyms) so is alg.exe needed so the computer and the router are on the same wavelengh?Sorry if i`m asking dumbass questions.

Kind regards Matty

ps thanks on the epmap solution

What’s funny is that you only need 4 services really… RPC, WMI, Plug and Play and Event Log.

You won’t need alg.exe, I’ve had it disabled for a long time, and I haven’t noticed any problem. I’m using a router too, kinda in the same way you do.


I`m confused ??? will give it a go i can allways reverse it(hopefully)

Cheers Matty

Hiya folks checked out blackviper site but can only see the registry way to disable alg.exe.Can it be done without changing anything in the registry,i know i need to set it to manual any advise on how would be smashing.Checked on microsoft help site but may as well not bothered.

Many thanks Matty

riggers, you don’t need to do anything with the registry. Just Run services.msc and find the service you want to disable (like Application Layer Gateway), right-click and choose Properties. Now you can choose how/if you want to run it (Disable, manual, automatic)!


Cheers Ragwing i`m gonna have some fun with that lot,top one.

Regards Matty