After the Rating Scan, I get 36 “unknown” files that are located in the following directories:


The files do not get automatically checked in the cloud or, if I try to send them manually, CIS says that the files cannot be found. I have run if many times over and over again, the 36 files remain “unknown.” I have “Enable cloud lookup” and “analyze unknown files in the cloud…” checked in my settings.

Is there a reason why these files can be “found” during the Ratings Scan, not uploaded automatically and “not found” when trying to manually up load them? I have CIS version 7.0.317799.4142.

I have attached a copy of the screen shot of a portion of the results of the Ratings Scan


[attachment deleted by admin]

Try to do it with KillSwitch. “View” tab > “Show Only the Untrusted Images in Memory”.
Double-Click on unknown file > “Security” tab > Copy-paste location in CAMAS and copy SHA-1’s and submit here.
If the above method does not work then go to file location and copy the file to desktop and then submit to camas, and so on.