C++ Runtime error on installation [resolved]

Boy this forum is hard to figure out!!
I have tried to install COMODO firewall (free) and every time I start the Installation program it come up wit an error. It says “Runtime error.This application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact your application’s support team for more Information.”
What does this mean? I can not install the program without using CFP_Setup…EXE

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Hi Geiser, welcome to the forums.

That is very odd. What’s your OS? Are you running with Admin rights? Is there anything listed in the Windows Event Logs for this install error?

I am using Windows 98SE and have a wired network with two computers.
I can not find any windows event log. Tell me where I should look for it. I looked for it by todays date and there doesn’t seem to be anything near that.

Hi, Geiser. Unfortunately, Win 98 isn’t supported by CFP.


System Requirements Windows 2000 (32 bit ALL) Windows XP (32 bit ALL) Windows 2003 (32 bit ALL) 64 MB available RAM 32 MB of available free hard disk space

Note - Not compatible with Windows 9x systems

There are threads that recommend other firewalls for 98: