C.O.M.O.D.O WebMail Service

Hello all enthusiasts of Comodo!

Something poped up in my mind when visited our forum here this evening.

Suddenly it hit me that there’s one thing that’s missing here.

I guess, most of you that are using Hotmail have seen there’s been a big upgrade during last weeks.
Many users has been waiting for this to happen and is ofcourse pleased with it.

But I have also seen on Hotmail’s support forum that there are alot of users that faced a disapontment by the fact that many new features has been developed in a way they didn’t expected and made it non userfriendly when spending time with reading a sending e-mail’s online from their account’s.

This made myself curious in ask Comodo and all of you users here if this could be by interest.

What do you think of this, would you like to manage your own e-mail’s from a account here at Comodo?

Please let us hear your oppinion :slight_smile:

O heck yea because i visit the forums alot more than my email.
maybe we could have multiple accounts linked to your Comodo forum account

I’m prone to agree with you I also spend quite a bit of time in the comodo forums myself that would be great if they set it to where you could axcess multipal accounts through comodo forums

don’t sound bad:) me like:D

Why not just use a separate mail client that you like? Your suggestion seems like it would be chewing up Comodo bandwidth. If you are not happy with your email client, change it to one you do like. It is that simple.

:smiley: >:-D >:-D