C.O.M.O.D.O Wallpapers

Nice alien, but haven’t you posted that image before?

Btw., do you really need 550W? :smiley:

LOL, yeah, I have posted it. Just showing that I’m advertising on other sites! :wink:

Here you go. First attempt - more to follow, unless you scream too loud. :wink:

P.S. I know, way too many JPEG artefacts. I’ll tidy it up later.

Ewen :slight_smile:

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Looks good Ewen…

My latest …

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I really like that wallpaper! Awesome work!!!

one for you all

Very nice wallpapers I downloaded several. Thanks ! ;D

Just Wov!

Here are three more I’ve just done. What do you think?

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Great I will add them to the Wallpaper Collection! Goes and adds them

Ok your wallpapers are numbers 17, 18, and 19!

Keep them coming guys!

Ok, thanks Justin.


No problem Mike, you made wallpapers, so they go with the collection!

'nother one.

sorry for the fuzziness - started with a too-small image of the web.

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Made a slight change to it.


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Ok I added both of your wallpapers to the collection :smiley: We have a total of 21 so far! Keep them coming guys. How many can we get to?

How many do you want? LOL. Actually, I wouldn’t have time to make that many but can get a few done. I’ll just modify this and add a wall instead of taking up comodo room.


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Is 100 as my goal too high?

No not at all , just give me a few years and 50 barrels of coffee, loll. While I don’t think I can fill that quota, my son will be making a couple, and hopefully others as well. Nice thinking with the wallpaper forum here, makes things a bit more interresting and out of the ordinary.


Thats what I was hoping for ;D Then we have a collection of all the wallpapers in one place. Oh and don’t think we are limited to 100, this is a team effort and I really hope we get to go over 100!

Sounds great, oh, just to mention, no.21 won’t open in the wallpaper section, it goes to my profile and says not allowed to access, just thought i’d let you know.



And i’ll add this wall…

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