< C.O.M.O.D.O failure >

In the matter of fact:

  • After installing, CIS is very difficult to update, I had waited for 3 days to update
  • CIS can not run in Safe mode so I think it is not enough as good as some others anti-virus

So … how long can you repair this failure ???

huh ??? coukd you explain in more detail. what do you mean by CIS can’t update?

and about CIS in safe mode, err why do you want to run CIS on safe mode ??? it’s not failure, it’s supposed to be like that.

Better antivirus can also run in Safe-mode. So no, thats not suppose to be like that.
Last time i checked, CIS worked in Safe-mode, just in on-demand mode. Useful for cleaning.
Not sure if that has changed lately. As for the update, the first time its good to initiate it by yourself.
It’ll take a while to update though. Will go faster with later updates.

I’m just known CIS can’t run in safe mode within this thread :o.

This should be fix in next version soon.

  • I don’t tell CIS cannot update, I’ve just said that CIS is very difficult to update after you have just installed CIS for the first time.

  • I like to run anti-virus software in Safe mode because I want to be sure my computer is really clean without any autorun virus which run with OS process but … CIS check update be4 running a scan so … it was responding in Safe mode (no Network).

Sure, it is better now!

Hope that!

Did you try changing the settings so it doesn’t update before a scan?

CIS still doesn’t work in SAFE MODE ? This was reported LOOOOOONG time ago. COMODO should fix this ASAP

Yep, I’ve checked it again in Safe mode even if with Net Work, it cannot run antivirus !!!
It is so terrible. >:( >:( >:(

Why would you want to run AV in safe mode? Either you trust the install and are using AV for regular scanning / rutine checkups, or you don’t trust the install - it’s been compromised - and you boot from CD for a known good OS or put the drive as non - bootable in another PC, hang off USB and scan from a good OS with whatever AV you like. Safe Mode is not for virus cleanup, but for OS repair.

Q : why does an AV need to scan in safe mode on-access ? I only use it for on-demand scanning …

And the update, well yeah, we know that it takes a whole while, but they promised us to clean up the database to a smaller size. Let’s hope they can deal with that, afterwards the updating should go a lot faster I guess :wink:


It’s doesn’t work at all ;D

Oh well, never noticed it, but if it’s indeed so ! Fix it please !


I’ve used Comodo for over 2 years now. I got it running on 3 machines.

Except for the occasional hiccup, it works like a champ. It is easily one of the best pgms I’ve ever downloaded and used. I depend on it. And not one security prob yet.

You guy’s, from above, have some sort of misunderstanding, or your machine is ■■■■■■■ up.

I have successfully run CAV in safe mode.

It’s been awhile, but I believe networks don’t work, or alway’s work, in safe mode, cause of driver’s not being loaded. I think I’m right, could be wrong. (rarely use safe mode, thankfully)

Maybe try the simple step of reinstall. Maybe your OS needs a reinstall too. Maybe your hardrive is on it’s way out.

But whatever your probs are, it’s far more likely to be a problem on YOUR end, not Comodo. Cause most people don’t have your problem. See?