C:Normal, D:Raid5 can I install CTM?


I got raid5 but not on my system partition. (system drive C: win7, data drive D: raid5) Can install CTM, and use it normally? Im asking because got warning about raid and crash the system

CTM and similar software like Rollback Rx or Eaz-Fix are not compatible with Raid configuration. Are U sure U have Raid ?

(If U have a Single Physical Hard-Drive, there is no Raid) And you may ignore the “Warning Message” n proceed with CTM installation, with multiple physical drives, Raid must be disabled First !

Also, If ever choose to install CTM, use the latest version 2.9beta. This is more like the Final consumer version, whereas all prior versions are More like Beta !! :wink:

Im sure about raid :slight_smile:

First disk got 2 normal partition C: E:
Partition C: is bootable with windows 7 64 bit.
From other 3 disk got raid5 as partition D:

I need roll back only system partition (C:), can I do this with CTM?

Lutek, Raid is a Concept at “HDD” level and Not a Concept at “Partition” level !!
That’s why when one has Only a Single HDD, he could Never have Raid ! (no matter how many partitions he has on that HDD)

Personally I think it’s OK for U to install on a Non-Raid ( n protect a Non-Raid ) System drive, but U may Better wait for an official reply from Comodo Staff.

CTM is ideal in this instance where you only need to rollback a single physical hard disk. When installing, select to protect partitions C: and E: only.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I have a single hard drive with a D partition but when I tried to install CTM it cause my Windows 7 64 bit not to boot up and only uninstalling CTM fix the problem with it booting up.

I am not good at this section but RAID means that you have at least 2 disks that are shown as one( please correct me if I am wrong). Could you make one that is not RAID and the other one as RAID.

Valentin N

Valentin, if there are only 2 HDD, U can Only either have a Raid or a non-Raid configuration. If a person wants to have Both Raid n non-Raid hard disk set-up on the same system, he must have at least 3 HDD.
(That’s called Partial-Raid, I believe)

Thanks for correcting me and giving me new info :slight_smile: Would it help if he divides his hard disk so that he has 3 hdd?

Valentin N

The man who made this post, Lutek actually has 4 physical HDD’s ( according to his description, his 1st HDD was partitioned into C: n E:, the 3 remaining HDD’s were lined-up as D: with Raid5 configuration) , so in this case he actually has a partial-Raid system configuration.
Both “Panic” n I thought it’s OK for Lutek to install CTM on his non-Raid disk and to protect his non-Raid partitions C: and E:, given the fact that his system disk was non-Raid also.

As with the other Gentleman “MJR1”', the problem wasn’t related to Raid at all, he just posted here for convenience. I think “MJR1” should give CTM 2.9beta a try. ( assumed his not booting-up problem was with CTM 2.8 )

Valentin, I know U’re very experienced with CIS. If I decide to try CIS in the future, I’d surely seek advice from you :-TU

thanks for the nice words James :slight_smile:

MRJ1 you could try to disable RAID then you will see at least two physical hdd or could try to get a 3rd one and make a RAID between the hdd that doesn’t contain the OS and the new added hdd (if it goes of course).

Valentin N