C.I.S. VS Avast

I want to know what one is better as I am using at the moment C.I.S. If I was to turn off real time scanning on C.I.S can I then use Avast for my real time scanning needs.

I expect the CIS antivirus and antimalware detection will be top notch sometime soon (see this post), but until then I have chosen turn off the realtime antivirus protection in CIS (I installed the antivirus component, but turned off the realtime monitor. This way I can still use Comodo’s antivirus on demand scanner). I have Avira running as my realtime antivirus, and works just fine with CIS. I also tried Avast in this same configuration and it worked just fine.
So, Avast realtime works just fine with CIS (if you shut off CIS realtime).


PS. When will Comodo be up to par with the others? I am not sure…I’ll let Official Comodians answer that.
Soon I hope. :wink:

It’s been said by Melih, and I will say it again - Comodo promises to bring a top notch AV in 9 months or so (originally it was 12 months but that was from launch date of CIS back in October 2008), And I believe they can achieve that. The next CIS version with heuristics will improve detection rates also quite a bit, and other improvements along the lines…

My opinion is that, I have been using CIS ever since it was only available to Global Moderators (Known as “the mod version” where Moderators test products before they are released), And considering I was one of the few to first use CIS, I have never been happier, and personally never been infected. It’s always best to PREVENT something anyway then Detect something which is limited to malware being released daily. I think the next version of CIS, Some time this coming week, will be the one where everyone will go “wow” and CIS will be improved on from there (Look at the 27+ pages worth of people looking forward to the next release.) And another useful topic for info on the next CIS release… Development Activities for Comodo Internet Security As of December 2008. Should be out soon.

As said, AV’s can only catch %age of malware out there… None can detect everything under the sun, hence it is difficult to compare AV’s in that area, But it’s easy to compare Prevention.


IMO, CAVS will be better than Avast after this huge upcoming update w/ hueristics. but like 3xist said, prevention is more important. :slight_smile:

I agree with all the persons above. besides those comments. CIS is allready better because of Defense+. What the AV misses Defense+ will catch

(:CLP) Thanks alot for all that info comodo dev. and other staff, u making it the total internet security, i m so excited to try this new upcoming beta version as per my info it will be realising this week or later week, it has heruastic scanning i think comodo antivirus be best antivirus then in my view currently it lack some aspects but still i trust comodo, i have 1 question CIS has anti-spyware in it? if yes then i m happy, if no then can there be possibility of adding antispyware to CIS. to make it better. (CNY) comodo dev. plz look into it :BNC Thanks for ur such a humble answers and developements u guys doing… u all guys rock!!! i love comodo:) :Beer

It will catch spyware. Both the AV as Defense+. But I must admit that I would recommend a seperate Anti spyware on the side at this moment

yes both free versions of MBAM and SAS work well!

IMO that is an excellent combination MBAM and SAS!!! For a weekly or something like that. And CIS for prevention (Full D+, Firewall, CAVS, SS)


I use CAVS as my primary real time scanner for some time and it works excellent. I’m not sure is it necessary to use different antivirus(avast maybe has bigger database, but not for long). Today I’ve scanned my computer by Kaspersky 7, NOD32 and Superantyspyware. My pc is 100% clean, that means CIS is good, and soon will be much better.

CAVS will PWN with the new heuristic.
I could bet my girlfriend on it.

You are pretty safe now also with a properly configured D+ you usually don’t have to worry about getting infected.
But those times when you really need to run something NEW a AV may come in handy.

I use CAVS as realtime scanner and the only AV on my PC. I have MBAM for a weekly scanning just in case and always returns 0 threats. That means D+ is doing its job.

I do have a killing configuration on the Firewall and D+!!! I get pop ups all the time because I have MyDocs and other folders protected but I actually enjoy the pop-ups. I like to know what is going on in my PC!! And YES, it has saved my PC LOTS OF TIMES!!!
:comodosavedmylife: :comodorocks:

The main point is… CIS will detect as many as other AV’s (With new heuristics and all the malware being sent to Comodo) but CIS will prevent alot more while maintaining usability thanks to the supporting infrastructure of Whitelisting, ThreatCast, etc.


hopefully it comes out soon it is already wednesday!.. :THNK

In what timezone do you live? Still Tuesday here in GMT+1 (Amsterdam, Brussels, etc)… The US lag 6 hrs compared to my zone. You must be in Asia or down under I guess…

Waiting eagerly…

haha not even close…canada

Erm…wouldn’t that mean it is Tuesday?

ya i went through half the day thinking it was wednesday… ???

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On-topic… CIS VS avast? CIS has better prevention and currently avast! has a larger databse.

Better prevention in the right hands you mean. :wink: Avast is more friendly to newbies. CIS is a tool for a bit more eXPerienced (but things will change, as Melih said so) :slight_smile: