C.I.S. set up scheduled virus scan,weekly & Daily did not run!

Hello Commodo Forum, yesterday downloaded &Installed C.I.S. Premium.having used It sometime ago thought
I would be ok, this time have new Desktop PC ,Acer Aspire ,o/s Windows 7 , (64 Bit),set up schedule scan ,weekly computer scan to run today, 7.00am, Mon 21/06/10.and Critical Areas ,Daily Tues to Sun 7.00am,Set this up yesterday, however scan today did not start ,as I was getting shower,when I came back, I had lost my Internet Connection ,this has happened before,because I was running Avira free Antivirus ,schedule scan ,full scan Daily 7.00am,and comodo standalone Firewall ,both seemed to work fine ,but because I was losing
Internet Connection that Is why I tried ,C.I.S.Premium,but things are worse.
(1) First why did comodo scheduled virus scan not run? (2) In both cases why am I losing my Internet connection?
Could some kind person Administrator perhaps try and explain,what am I doing wrong,the advantage with Avira Virus Scan Is after Scan It turns the PC off.

Regards Norman