Hiya there

Brand new user here, just downloaded C.I.S. Premium (v 6.0.264710.2708) and have a few questions.

  1. I noticed that on the download page the ‘try it free’ button link at the bottom of the page and the download button at the top (for the free version) both refer to the same file ‘cispremium_installer.exe’ do I have the right file for the ‘free’ version ? or will some elements stop working after a while ?

  2. When I look around the program i get the option to ‘Enter License key’ …do I need a ‘key’ for the free version ?

  3. What is ‘Shared space’ …I have a link to a created folder on my desktop

Many thanks in anticipation of your reply/replies

Hi and welcome possibletarian,

  1. Premium equals free.

2)You do not require a licence key for the free version.

  1. CIS V6 has the capability of running programs virtualized (Sandboxed).
    For example if you were to download a file from a virtualized browser and saved the file to another location this file will not be available to the real system.
    If this file were to be saved to the Shared Space, either virtual or non virtual applications will have access to that file.
    The help links below might explain things better.
    Shared space
    Virtual Kiosk
    Run an Application in the Sandbox

Hope that helps.

Many thanks that was very helpful… i love clear answers :slight_smile:

again thanks


You are welcome and I hope you enjoy Comodo. :-TU