C.I.S.Event Log Viewer.

This morning scan bagan C.I.S. as usual 7.00 am uk London time,after scan finished ,I usually click Antivirus
then virus log events ,which opens page,usally when I click more it takes me to .another page with Virus results if any ,for Today, Week , Month .etc .same with Defence,etc, Today,Week,Month etc same with
Firewall,Today ,Week Month ,etc ,this morning it wont let me access this page,when I cllick more,I am puzzled
because It has been working fine,I have a Dell Desktop PC, os, Windows Vista Home Premium,and until this morning no problems.Can You Please Help?

Regards Nodger

Ps ,although usually todays results show clear ,If I click on Defence etc itself ,a list of files etc show up,when I
choose the drop down box and select,action stop process,they vanish,but when I close C.IS,and go back so are these files.?

Hi nodger,

In reply to this post and your other, this one seems “Locked” so no member can post you a reply in it.
Did you lock it by accident?

I’ll unlock it so others can reply also.

It could well be that your logfile grew to large and that it’s causing trouble now, can you check the following folder C:\ProgramData\Comodo\Firewall Pro and see how large the file cfplogdb.sdb is?

Ronny apologies for sounding a bit frustrated regarding my last post ,I didnt realise the post or topic was locked ,as Im new to the site.
You suggest looking to see how large the file is,C; Programs Data\ comodo\firewall pro,at this point I should tell you I am actually using the Free Installation Version of C.I.S. (ONLY BECAUSE YOU MENTION
I have to look for file,CFPLOG db. sdb.forgive me but where do I actually look for this file?and will it still apply If I have uninstalled free version of C.I.S. and reinstalled it,this morning I ran a critical areas scan ,which was clean,and when I click,VIEW ANTIVIRUS EVENTS,THEN CLICK more,does it mean it wont open Event log Viewer,because there is nothing to view? or should a new window still open?

 Regards  Nodger

Hi nodger,

There is no difference in CIS free or PRO, PRO only give’s a few extra value added services like TrustConnect(sort of VPN to protect your wifi on the road) and Live PC Support so support can help you on basis of remote controlling your PC to assist you if needed).

It’s just that this file resides in a folder called pro because that was the former name of Comodo Firewall Pro, just a “left-over” of code…

The file should be in the folder:
C:\ProgramData\Comodo\Firewall Pro

Can you see if you can start the logviewer manually?
C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\cfplogvw.exe

If you press the More button on AV/FW/D+ Logging it should open a new window with the log viewer.

Ronny I know I must seem A bit of a plank ,but I cant find ,AV/FW/D+ Logging,however I have found a
simple solution,When clicking Antivirus Events,new window opens,when I press/click more,C.I.S. little bar appears in taskbar ,guess what,when I right click and Maximise,I am there Event Log Viewer, I really didnt have to do this before,but it does solve problem and open ,Event Log Viewer.
Thanks for your Patience,your a Gem,have a smashing xmas.

Regards Nodger (Norman)

Hi Norman,

On the AV tab it’s “View antivirus events”, for the FW tab it’s “View Firewall events” and for D+ it’s "View Defense+ events…

Glad you got it fixed and that it turned out to be minimized, does it show up normally once you have it maximized?