C.I.S. 8 Hijacked My Default E Mail Service

I have C.I.S. 8 installed on my computer running ms windows 7 pro edition, yesterday while I was using internet explorer 11 browser, I clicked on a mailto link. I received a screen prompt that informed me there wasn’t any program associated for that. That’s when I went into the default programs area among other’s in that same location and discovered the browser that was installed along with the COMODO security software had gotten rid of my previous e-mail program. Did this happen to anyone else ??
David >:(


When you install a new browser and you are asked if you want to make it your default browser and you click yes, it may attempt to get all the defaults meaning it will also take over e-mail protocols, I don’t believe this is normal, usually it should only try to take over things like http and https and such, just the basics.

Since I had Comodo Dragon installed prior and didn’t install the browser during installation, I couldn’t tell you if this would happen to me. I assume it’s the Chromodo 36.6 browser? I’ll try installing the stand alone and see if this happens.

You should be able to fix it by going to Control Panel > Programs > Default Programs > Set your default programs > Find your e-mail client in the list > Click “Set this program as default” … Or perhaps you already figured that out in which case the little “guide” could maybe help someone else in the same situation.

Edit: I tried installing the stand-alone Chromodo 36.6 and set it to default through the program, it only took over http and https… Perhaps it’s something specific to the CIS installer that sets it?

Hi Sanya,
That’s where the problem is @ the moment…there isn’t ANY e-mail client showing in there. I’m thinking seriously about un-installing C.I.S. 8, and then performing a ‘custom’ install, that way I won’t install any additional item’s I don’t really want. By the way, I already have Revo-Uninstaller installed on that computer, should I use it to un-install C.I.S. ??
David ???

What was the e-mail client that would open previously? In other words, what e-mail client do you use?

If you want to re-install CIS then you can follow the instructions by Chiron which can be found here: Comodo Forum Although there is a risk that it won’t fix the issue, in the sense that it just leaves the mailto default blank, and even if you uninstall CIS that doesn’t mean it will uninstall Chromodo which is probably the application you are talking about, so you’d have to uninstall both, actually uninstalling Chromodo only should be enough.

Hi Sanya,
Thanks for your quick reply…I was going to use this software to do the uninstalling: Download Revo Uninstaller Freeware - Free and Full Download it has a LOT of great feature’s included with it…it even goes into the registry and cleans all of the trace amount’s left behind.

If you can’t see the e-mail client you want to use in the list then you can instead go to Control Panel\Programs\Default Programs and then “Associate a file type or protocol with a program” then scroll down until you get to protocols and then find mailto and click “Change program…” (position may be different than for me since I’m using Windows 10 Tech Preview)

Hi Sanya,
I’ve un-installed both Chromodo & Geek Buddy using revo uninstaller, I don’t know if you have ever used revo uninstaller or not, but there are different ‘levels’ of uninstall that you can select. I use the ‘Moderate Mode’ - includes the Safe mode and performs an extended scan to find all of the application’s leftover information in the most common places of the Registry and on the hard drive. I still don’t have any kind of e-mail program showing in either the default programs area or associate a file area.
I’m really wondering now what all the C.I.S. software has messed with in my registry.
David :frowning:

What e-mail client do you use?

I’d settle for ANY e-mail client, right now I’m using the firefox browser, at least with that browser I can at least choose between gmail or yahoomail. I guess I could use windows live mail, but as I’ve tried it previously, I found it to consume too many resources.
David :wink:

Previously, would clicking an e-mail open firefox to write an e-mail?

When using the firefox browser (Download Firefox for Desktop — from Mozilla), I can still choose an e-mail provider that’s provided in the options section in the applications area. I guess where the issue with e-mail really shows up is when I’m using internet explorer.

So what you want is for e-mails to open in FireFox? and FireFox isn’t in the list so you can’t add it?

Anyway, if you’re looking for an e-mail client then you could try Thunderbird, made by Mozilla, although I haven’t used it in a while so I couldn’t tell you how it is resource wise.

Thanks for your suggestion and help…have a nice evening.