C. Firewall and NOD32 AV

Hi there everyone.
Had the Comodo Firewall running a few days now, and i think its great. However, i have found another problem with it… When XP is starting up, the taskbar still takes 2 mins to start… But as well as that, since installing CPF, my nod32 antivirus icons wont display in they system tray, even though im pretty sure (not 100%) that the AV is running… Anyone else had this problem?
How often do Comodo release updates? I really need this sorting asap…

I run NOD32 with CPF, and i have no problems with it. You can just press ctrl-alt-delete and go to the process tab and see if nod32krn.exe and nod32kui.exe is running. They probably are, so you are protected by your antivirus. You can also click on your NOD32 icon, and then it will open, and when you close it, it will go to sys tray.
I had thia problem when i installed a previous (beta) version of CPF, but it went away, don’t know how…
Have you checked Start/Run/msconfig and the autostart tab, so the nod32kui is enabled?
Uncheck unnecessary startups, like office, acrotray, qttask and so on. Leave the firewall and antivirus, and as few as possible of the others. There might be a conflict with some of the others, and you will have a computer that start and run better…

CPF protects you from start even if you don’t see the sys tray icon.
I don’t know if i would delay the start.