C Drive in caps and in small letters, in D+ Trusted Files


In D+'s Trusted Files list, I noticed that some Drive Letters are in Caps but some are not.

For example, if you sort the list by file path, the order will be:

(no drive letter)\program files.…


So what is the difference between the C Drive in caps and that in small letter?

BTW I am using Win 7 home premium 64 bit. Latest version of CIS (without AV).


Hello again,

Does anyone know the answer to this???

Thanks for any input.

Possibility based on observation only… lowercase drive letters are manually created by the user, whilst uppercase drive letters are created by CIS.

True I think if user added files are added from running processes. When added by Trusted Files ~ Add ~ Browse files I get caps.


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“(no drive letter)\program files.…”

Is this just \Program Files or does it include a Hard Drive Device Path Such as “\Device\Harddisk0\Partition1\Program Files” etc etc?

There isn’t much deference I believe; Its just how things are :stuck_out_tongue:

Well,they are:

\program files

But these are only a small minority.

Also, both C:\ and c:\ include files that I have never added manually (such as system files in \windows\system32).

BTW, don’t developers of CIS know exactly what the differences mean? LOL