C++ compilation blocked by Defense+

Hey everyone ^^

I’ve been using CIS under WinXP Pro SP3 for quite a while now without any trouble, but yesterday I encountered a problem with Defense+. I wanted to run a test bench simulation using Xilinx ISE 9.1i, but this failed because D+ blocked the GNU C++ compiler that is called by ISE to compile the test bench on the fly. D+ doesn’t give a notification but stalls the execution forever so the test bench is never compiled and ISE freezes, waiting for the compilation to complete.

First I tried to add both all files in the ISE folder and all files in the C++ compiler folder to the “My Own Safe Files” within D+ but this didn’t seem to have any effect, then I removed them all from the “Computer Security Policy” list as well, since that is the recommended procedure in case the wrong files might accidentally have ended up on a blacklist. Still didn’t work.

Then I uninstalled both ISE and the C++ compiler and reinstalled them into a different folder, hoping that D+ might not be able to find them any more but… as you might expect, that didn’t work either.

So for now I’ve completely disabled Defense+ (set it to “Inactive”, had to reboot my computer to apply that) and my test benches finally get compiled again, but of course I’d like to get Defense+ online again as well, since it has always done a good job and I assume this isn’t the correct way to handle conflicts ^^

Anyone got any idea what’s going wrong here? I can provide more technical details if needed.

Thanks for your time and efforts,


Do you get pop ups from CIS when you start the applications after removing them from Computer Security Policy? What happens when you manually make rules for the concerned exe files in Computer Security Policy and make them trusted applications?

With D+ activated I don’t get any messages, regardless of the presence of the files in Computer Security Policy. Trusted applications or not also doesn’t appear to have an effect. ISE logs the event “Building tbw2_isim_beh.exe” then freezes since apparently the compiler isn’t allowed to be executed.

With D+ set to inactive however, the compilation succeeds (ISE continues logging the next event, “Running ISim simulation engine”) and I get a message that “tbw2_isim_beh.exe” is trying to access the internet every time which is normal behavior since it’s a newly compiled executable each time again.