C-AntiSpam a real resource hog for CPU

I have recently installed your firewall, BoClean, Verification Engine, and Comodo AntiSpam software on my Desktop and on my Laptop. I am thrilled so far with the first three, and love the concept behind the email verification. (:CLP)

Am running Windows2000Pro on my 2.6Ghz Intel processor with 2 GHz Ram. The system has always been very fast and efficient. After I installed the antispam and ocnfigured it … along with the firewall, etc … I have been fighting against it for system resources.

I am having a real issue however, with the anti-spam [CasProc.exe] constantly using between 50 percent and 100 percent of my processor resources. At times, the condition has caused Windows 2000 Pro to actually freeze and require a reboot, which has never been a problem before now. As soon as I kill the CasProc.exe process the CPU will return to about 2-3 percent use, so obviously the problem is somewhere in the anti-spam program I am assuming. Note: when the CPU is working so hard, the amount of RAM used is still fairly normal.

I had the AntiSpam program installed on my 2Ghz laptop running WinXP pro and 1 Ghz memory and while the problem wasn’t nearly as pronounces, it still was using significantly more CPU resources than it had before. I have now removed the AntiSpam program from the Laptop, and it is back up to speed again.

I have turned off the “submit files” option, and have tried to look at other processes that might be running. I even reconfigured the firewall to grant full internet access to CasProc.exe. Nothing seems to help. Are others experiencing this problem.

Any suggestions ??? Your input and help would be most appreciated…

A New Comodo fan!
Trailhound :■■■■

Anti-spam update:

Well, since I didn’t get any suggestions or help on the issue, I finally uninstalled the anti-spam program. Now all systems are back to normal and everything is fine.

I’d still like to be able to use the program, but as I noted, I couldn’t make it work without eating all of my CPU resources.

Thanks for the effort.