Has anyone ever heard of these guys??

I saw them up on VT

scanned a folder containing 294 malware, comodo identified 98.3%

bytehero with no signatures and only heuristics identified 56.8% amazing

I’m curious how would valkyrie vs bytehero do

ByteHero is a program. Valkyrie is an web page.
@languy99: Never heard about them. But 56.8% for heuristic-only new software is… incredible!

valkyrie is a cloud based file analysis system. we just use a website to submit files to it for now until its integrated into the FLS. this is the probably the best and easiest way to test valkyrie while in development until its ready

when i first saw this product i wondered how it would compare to valkyrie aswell. i will test it today and report back

Yes, please. Inform us how yo do with the test agains bytehero.

I wish COMODO could create a cloud-based sotware that uses only Valkyrie, to test it in local folders with hundreds/thousands of malware to test its power…

I know we can download a software from Valkyre website, but thats only for submission.
Would be great to get the results/verdicst on the same software, using cloud.

Melih, is it possible to do that?

i just tested bytehero vs. valkyrie

i download a zip file with 294 malware dating from the 16 and 17 of this month. i downloaded bytehero’s heuristic detection engine from here. i scanned the folder of malware and it found 102/294 which is a 34.69% detection rate. then i uploaded all the files to valkyrie (this took a while since i had to do about 15 at a time but i got it done) and it found 244/294 which is a 82.99% detection rate. Valkyrie seems more advanced and it uses AI, i think bytehero only uses heurisitics

The new technology of code dynamic and static heuristic analysis applied in ByteHero heuristic engine automatically realizes detection of malicious files like Trojan, Virus, Worm, Spyware, etc. BDV can deeply analyzes encrypted、packed and deformed malicious code, accurately locates malicious behavior of program and reports virus family and variants according to current virus naming rules(as illustrated in Figure 2.1). This is better than simple analysis or shell reports of general heuristic scan and maintains at a low false positives rate.

Valkyrie still has room for improvement and Fanny has said in another topic that they are working on the dynamic detectors so this should increase the detection rate.
There were 50 pieces of malware that got marked as normal. i would post them all here but to makes things easier ill just post a txt file with all the virustotal links to the samples.
i would also like to say that i ignored signatures so if a file is found by a sig i still went by what valkyrie said not signatures
if anyone wants the samples i used just let me know

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Amazing test! Thank you wasgij6. :slight_smile: