bypass firewall and sandbox and Was hacked pc


comodo was skipped and this video of how to Skip

comodo. firewall

This link has been tested most protection programs on this file
And skipped Kaspersky and bullgurad

Suggestion : why do not you change the default mode of Comodo

Best wishes Ahmad

Did you make the video? Do I understand the bypass correctly that from the sandboxed chat client text was written to the browser?

Does the bypass also happen with the BB settings higher than Partially Limited? Can you test?

Not entered the the browser penetration

was working browser was only to inform hacker I ran virus

This test is only to indicate the weakness of the default mode of Comodo and
The weakness the Sanbox prevent applications from connecting to the Internet

This is not a breakthrough or Patch is here a lot comodo briefed on this link

I can send patches for of penetration testing company Comodo Comodo 7 on the condition of lifting the VirusTotal viruses or rules of Comodo, at least a week
test to be on the rest of the protection programs

If I understand correctly the program was able to log the keyboard. And the program was running in the background. Is that correct?

Here at the forums we’re not happy with the default settings. Allowing outgoing traffic by default was not a smart move from Comodo to say the least.

I don’t understand what you are trying to say. What is the condition you are talking about?

at least a week test to be on the rest of the protection programs
Could you rephrase this?

I want to say that I could Over the Comodo samples in exchange for not raising the samples to Virustotal or Comodo, at least for a week


Type of sample

The sample is sent to the hacker and computer becomes apparent when the Comodo hacker (who is my friend), but my friend was busy due to the test on the Kaspersky

Immediately sent him a private message on the forum I ran the sample To be the penetration

Unfortunately, the weakness of my English

Use Google Translate. That should help. :slight_smile: